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AECB Seminar at Traditional Building Supplies Ltd

By aboderenovationfaversham, Mar 19 2015 12:16PM

On the 12th of June the Kent Group’s first event of 2014 was held at Faversham’s Traditional Building Supplies Ltd (TBS ). The firm sells conservation materials such as lime mortars and plasters, paints, and variety of insulation products. In addition they also provide courses on plastering, bricklaying and stone masonry, which have recently been established. The founder, Eve Rush-Ryan introduced the company, we then had a talk on natural

paints and natural insulation. Having local knowledgeable suppliers is a great benefit, so if any AECB members are aware of products that TBS may be interested in stocking, please contact them.

Contact details: Office: 01795 530 503

Email: [email protected]

Sheeps Wool

Bethan Mulvena of Black Mountain insulation described the recent take over of the company following a fire, (by a firm who interestingly also manufacture multifoils). Bethan discussed the virtues of Black Mountain ‘Natuwool’. As a by-product of the British farming industry, it uses the wool leftover once the Lanolin, used in the beauty and cosmetic market, has been removed. To stop any attraction to insects, especially moths, the natural insect repellent of Borax is added.

Qualities highlighted included the fact that the product can absorb 35% of its own weight in moisture without compromising its thermal performance, and that the insulation can absorb Volatile Organic Compounds, an especially pertinent issue in modern airtight construction. Sheep’s wool insulation has a place not only in the conservation sector – being well matched to traditional building methods and techniques, but also in modern construction, having qualities to absorb internal air pollutants and make our buildings healthier and more comfortable.

Contact details: Phone: 01745 361911

Email: [email protected]

Natural Paint

Colin Jones from Earthborn Paint introduced their range of paints. Colin pointed out that not all natural things are healthy and terms like 'organic' have little meaning away from the food industry. Earthborn use natural ingredients such as clay, but some ingredients are synthetic, where the natural equivalent is harmful.

Earthborn products carry Europe’s environmental standard, the EU Ecolabel. This is an independent accreditation that takes a ‘cradle to grave’ view of products, ensuring that they make minimal impact on the environment throughout their life cycle, during manufacture, use and disposal, and do not harm the health of people using or living with them.

The key characteristic of the paint determining it’s breathable nature is it containing no oils or acrylics. Earthborn paints are ideal for use over lime plaster/render and older/listed properties that require a highly porous paint coating and which need a more durable finish than limewash. An example of this is silicate masonry system developed by Earthborn consisting of two different products, a primer and masonry paint, both of which are VOC free. Designed for interior and exterior surfaces as it is weather and water resistant.

Contact details: Phone: 01928 734171

Email: [email protected]

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