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SP64 F Reinforcing Basecoat Hydrophobic Plaster for high salt content substrate


Hydrophobic renovation plaster for renovating damp and high salt content block/brickwork for internal and external use. Refresh facades without needing to remove old render, improve weather resistance through crack bridging remediation and ideal for usine in the restoration of heriage and listed buildings.

Baumit SP64 F render is a fine grained, renovating render for salt contaminated masonry. Highly vapour permeable and allows damp masonry to dry. A lime based render, suitable for all types of solid masonry, historic or modern and is suitable as a base coat over smooth surfaces or a fine grained top coat.

Where is it used?
Internally and externally, including splash zones and wet rooms. Baumit SP64 F lime render can be applied on to all types of dense masonry such as natural stone, brick, concrete block and cast concrete as a base coat and a plain finish coat which can then receive decoration with a range of Baumit paints internally or Baumit decorative finish renders externally.

How is it used?
Baumit SP64 F is designed for machine application and hand application. When hand mixing it should be mixed with clean tap water (6-7 litres per bag) using an electric whisk to a smooth creamy consistency and applied by hand with a steel trowel. Each backing coat must be a minimum of 10mm and should be applied at a minimum of 20mm ( 2 x 10mm coats) for sulphate and chloride contamination or 30mm (2 x 15mm coats) for nitrate contamination.
Baumit StarTex mesh should be incorporated into the outer third of the base coat if the substrate is damp or made of dissimilar materials and the base coat should be finished with a plasterers comb or stiff brush to create a suitable key for decorative topcoat renders.  When used as a finish coat it can be sponge finished and painted.
How much will you need?
Each 35kg bag of Baumit SP64 F will cover up to 1.9m2 at 15mm thickness.
Size 1.2mm
Consumption 1.2kg/m2/mm
36 bags per pallet


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